Tiny Houses

Picture of a tiny house

Discover these tiny houses and small houses And learn why more and more people are making the choice to downsize to one of the many models and simplify their lives. Check out the many tiny house floor plans and small house floor plans available. Find out how to purchase your own ready built tiny house or get the detailed floor plans and build your own tiny house or small house quickly and inexpensively. These small homes range from 65-140 square feet. Because they are on wheels, they are considered travel trailers, and do not require a building permit. You can pretty much put one anywhere you can place an RV. Buy it ready made, or build it.

Small Houses

Designed to meet International Building Code, each home has one room of no less than 120 square feet. All the home plans have the option for a 1st floor bedroom. Buy the plans and build it.  The interiors of these tiny and small houses are designed to maximize the available space while providing  maximum comfort.